Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mythos EU Is No More (Finally)

The time has come, at last, for Mythos Europe to bite the dust. The servers were closed earlier today, and the forums will die off tomorrow (28 Oct 2011). Many of us knew this was coming; some vocalized it more than others.

To those of you who made it a fun run: Thanks!

What to do now?!
It seems a few EU players are migrating over to the Russian server, run by Belver. The site can be found here. I recommend using Chrome for easy translation. Their version is reported to be slightly different from what Frogster was running. I can only assume that to be a good thing.

If anyone wants to play a good, free hack-and-slash ARPG, check out Path of Exile. This new game is the polar opposite of what Mythos turned into. The devs listen to all feedback, and take the time to respond in person. The game follows in the footsteps of great ARPG's like Diablo/D2 and Titan Quest, with a few unique systems tossed in such as itemized skills and coin-less, consumable currency. The graphics are realistic and gritty, not cartoonish and bright. It's probably one of the best-looking F2P titles you'll find. The devs plan on having around 100 skills and 1,000 passives by the time the game is released. There are 6 classes, although skills, passives, and items aren't restricted by class. It's entirely free to play, and the cash shop will only sell cosmetic and aesthetic items. You won't be forced to pay to win, or even tempted to pay for a slight advantage. It's currently in closed beta, but anyone who registers an account can be invited. The game should go open beta (soft release) in January. I have a clan going here, and anyone is welcome to join, beta member or not.