Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pre-Order Shipping

I've been posting my progress in ordering the Mythos retail box in this thread. Today, I received an email from The Hut about my order:

Thanks for placing your order with us at, order number ########.
We're sorry that your order for the product(s) below has not yet been sent.
  • Mythos
We're sorry this has happened. We're continuously looking for ways to improve the service we offer to you and we really hope you'll give us a chance to do better next time.
We're still following this up with our suppliers and we'll keep you updated on the status of your order.

An apology for not shipping an item early enough to use the included early access code? Store lists it as out-of-stock, so maybe they haven't even received them yet. Has anyone got a shipping notification from The Hut?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boredom Post 2: Luck

This is a post I made on the forums in response to someone asking how Luck works:

From what I hear and read, most people think luck works like magic find in Diablo 2. I believe that Luck works similarly to how it did in Hellgate: London, considering Mythos was originally meant to test that game's engine. If someone can prove this assumption wrong, then this info won't be accurate:

- When loot drops, the first thing that is rolled is the number of drops. Then it rolls the quality for each drop, followed by the stats and affixes for the individual items. Each mob/boss/chest has a loot table of base items and affixes it can pick from.

- The ONLY roll that luck affects is the quality of the drops. It won't give more drops, or better stats/affixes. It will not affect whether the item is an armor piece or a health potion. It also has no affect on the quality of gems.

- The game associates every item rarity with a luck number (example below). Luck simply reduces the chance for an item to be Common (white), thereby increasing the chance of a higher rarity.

I have no clue what numbers are actually used in the game (those are definitely much higher than I'm using), so this is just an example:

Each rarity level has a luck "value", which is totaled up:
70 Common (white)
35 Magic (green)
25 Rare (blue)
10 Mutant (purple)
7 Legendary (orange)
3 Unique (yellow)
150 total

Based off the above numbers, a drop has a 47% chance of being Common (white), 23% chance for green, 17% for blue, 7% for purple, 5% for orange, 2% for yellow.

Let's say your toon has a total Luck score of 30. Since luck only affects chance to be Common, the list now looks like this:
40 Common (white)
35 Magic (green)
25 Rare (blue)
10 Mutant (purple)
7 Legendary (orange)
3 Unique (yellow)
120 total

By lowering the chance to be white, you've effectively raised the chance of a drop to be green from 23% to 29%. Blue goes from 17% to 21%, purple from 7% to 9%, orange from 5% to 6%, and yellow from 2% to 3%, rounded up.

Keep in mind that this is how the Hellgate: London luck system works, and I'm only assuming it's the same because Mythos was designed to test that game's engine.

I did test runs earlier in the Beta, and I can conclusively say that Luck has a greater effect than people give it credit. I won't post my gear or full test results, but on average I saw close to 50% less whites drop whilst wearing Luck gear, over 200 runs in the same dungeon.

Item Shop!

Read the announcement of the item shop going live. Here is what was in the shop in the very last Beta update:

It seems that the system for purchasing item shop currency ("bones") is broken, so we'll have to wait and see how that pans out.

Wondering what all the items included in the box version do? Check out this post on the forums!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Boredom Post 1: Novas

I've seen questions and misconceptions about Nova properties on items, so here's a rundown.

There are 3 classes of novas:
On Hit: chance for nova when your attack hits an enemy
On Attack: chance for nova when you attack an enemy in range of your weapon
When Hit: chance for nova when an enemy hits you

example from commenter

Percent chances for novas don't stack, even if it's the same kind of nova. So, if you have a weapon with 1% chance for fireball nova on hit and 4% chance for fireball nova on hit, you don't have 5% chance for a nova. What you have is literally a 1% chance and a 4% chance on 2 different rolls. When you hit an enemy, the first nova chance is rolled. If it fails, the second chance is rolled. If the first triggers ("procs"), the second is ignored.

You may also notice that the percent chances for novas are very low. You have to do quite a bit of swinging with your sword to get that 1-3% chance to roll in your favor. Still, when it does, the nova can do a lot of damage. From what I've tested, nova damage is based on item level (not weapon damage). If you're still using a level 18 weapon against level 32 enemies, your novas won't do much damage.

+Cookies to whomever can find a screenshot of the low-level unique club that has a bunch of nova properties on it!

Found it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

4 Days of Boredom

As we should all know by now, the servers have been shut down today, ending the Beta Test for Mythos. We now have to wait 4 days to play upon release, unless you're lucky enough to receive the box version before the 28th.

With no more testing to be done, I plan on posting some detailed information regarding a few game mechanics I often see people ask about in-game. Check back and leave some comments!