Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stats and Bonuses

Interested in what stat points actually do for your character? Check out this spreadsheet I made today.
It has:
- Starting racial bonuses for each race/class combination
- Effects of stat points on attack/defense ratings, damage % bonuses, and HP/Mana for each class
- Stat % bonuses from skill tree levels for each class
(Check tabs at bottom left of your browser window for each class)

Feel free to share the spreadsheet link, but please also link back to this blog as the source.
Please comment if you find anything incorrect, or if this info helped you out.

(Download the spreadsheet in .xls format)

EDIT (24 Sep 2011):
**This information is very inaccurate due to updates over the past few months. Sorry, but I have no intention on updating it.**

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Warning to Guilds

Don't put gold into your guild bank unless you're going to use it immediately. I won't say why, but please take my advice; this warning is warranted.

New Update, Everyone's Still Pissed

Coming back from a road trip, I see that the client has been updated yet again. This time, the intent was to balance the leveling curve. The end result, it seems, is longer time spent and more grinding per level. The XP per level was raised, but neither quest nor kill experience was raised to compensate.

The other main talking point at the forums is the removal of Recall Charms. The only good thing this does is remove the full health/mana trick. Soloing will take a hit, players will be forced to abandon or dismantle more loot, and partying will become a complete pain in the ass.

Go to the forums and voice your opinion!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Level Cap Removed!

Today, we were surprised by an update which includes the removal of the level 27 cap. Players will get a few days of full content until midnight, 24 April, when the servers will go offline in preparation for the game's full release (for us Americans, that's about 5pm CST). At this time, all character and guild information will once again be wiped out, allowing for a fresh start upon release.

This update is also supposed to include bug and language fixes, and more guild features; I'll post more on these when I've had time to look around in-game.

If you're having trouble with the updater hanging or giving "file merge failed" errors, just close it and run again. It took 4 runs for me, but all files downloaded and merged properly and I was able to get right into the game.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Mythos Blog?

Well, why not? This game has a rough history, and the current state isn't much better. But, that won't stop us fans from having our fun until the game dies out again forever. Here, I'll be posting pretty much anything related to Mythos, as it is, concentrating on Frogster's English server.

I'll start off by listing the major issues plaguing affecting the current state of the game:

Translations - The English translation is terrible. I can't speak on the other languages, but this still needs tons of work. Areas have multiple names, conversations are difficult to understand, skill descriptions aren't clear, and some NPC's still have Korean voices.

Damage System - In the last client update, the damage/health, skill/mana, and potion systems were changed in a way that slows the game down significantly. Skills have long cooldowns and higher mana costs. Potions barely make up a fraction of a character's HP total and have a 10-second cooldown (meaning it takes 20-40 seconds to regain full health).

Enchanting - You now have a higher chance to enchant +resistances and %resistances over other properties.

Loot System - Drops have been changed in what seems to be an effort to enhance the usability of quest reward items. Green items are now even more useless than ever, Blues and Purples have lower chances of rolling properties that people want, and Orange items will rarely ever roll anything other that +stats and +attack rating. Uniques have been edited, also. Most notably are the removal of +damage properties from some armor items.

Auction House - The AH on the English server doesn't work. The "Buy Now" function is inoperable. Some players can't place normal bids. If you list an item that doesn't sell, you may not receive the item back.

Start-up Bugs - Many players are reporting hang-ups and crashes when trying to load the game. Some of these problems can be fixed by running the client in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode, or running Updater.exe from the \bin folder.

Stuttering/Freezing - Some players are experiencing constant stuttering and inability to interact with NPC's. Popups from hovering over items can cause the game to  freeze for a few seconds.

Graphics Bugs - Non-loading textures and pixel shader issues are still causing grief to a number of players.

Game Economy - With the Auction House not working, players have a hard time making money. Luckily, this beta has a glitch which allows infinite money generation (I won't be posting details here). This glitch demonstrates a severe coding mistake that, if left as it is, will destroy the game's economy upon release by flooding the market with currency. With no other real currency items, I foresee crafting materials becoming currency in place of gold.

Even with all these problems, a lot of players seem to be sticking it out. At least, for now....