Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Free Crafting Materials

As I no longer play Mythos, I feel I should give away my crafting mat stockpiles. Just post here with your character name and what you want, and I'll try to send it to you if I have it.

I have a little bit of everything, but it varies based on level. Please don't ask for anything tier 9 or 10. No Flasks, Animas, or Aethers.

Please, don't ask for any type of item other than mats. All of my good items, including skill recipes, level 48+ gear, gems, and all other high-level goods were all on my main account, which was banned.

 If you're in the Mythos guild, you get a special bonus!


  1. DecibeL
    Scorched Wood
    Rugged Hide

    Reap Wood[ If it doesnt bother you ^^. ]

  2. Those are fairly rare, but I sent what I had.

  3. Thanx dude :].
    Yeah thouse are insanely rare. Only found in Green [21+] and Yellow Rune Gates

  4. kiara - mythos guild , eng server

    i could use searwood if u got any , and seasoned carapace. ty :)

  5. Sba - English Server

    I could use luminite nuggets and/or vyle hearts ! :)

    Thanks a ton

  6. Sorry, those are already gone.

  7. DanielCZ on eng srvr, guild WooDoo People.
    Id appreciate some scales (like Lustrous..) and Flaxmoss

  8. Sent an assortment of scales. Flaxmoss can be purchased at the material vendor on Heaven Island.

  9. Thank you for the Scales very much, appreciate it!

  10. I could use some of the lower level wire types, for crafting rings + stuff :)
    Resin Line, Cling Line .. stuff like that, can't remember the other names right now
    char is BBQ-Boy, Eng server
    2 bad u quit man, . .thx for all the info u put on the site/forum

  11. tyty! I finally managed to create some low lvl rings now, .. (tho they seem to come without base stats?)
    + special thx for the extra mats, exactly right for my higher tier recipes .. they all require the same wire, some lustrous crystals, and then different ores(Gold,Sundrite..) so please feel free to send any surplus mats :-)
    I chose my main to specialize in crafting jewelry, . .is that useful, or should i better respec to weaps/armor?
    ty /JC

  12. What? You were in mythos guild? <- Lust which character were you?

  13. My main was Stardust the Pyromancer. You'll still find her in the guild roster, but I can no longer use that account :(

  14. Reachel
    Iron nuggers and nuggets in general.

  15. crafting with grandkids and i think making mats would be fun project for us to do.