Friday, June 10, 2011

Guild Safe Exploit

Back in April, I made a post warning guild members to avoid depositing into the Guild Safe until the money was ready to be used. Here's why:

The developers have yet to fix a bug I reported back in the closed beta test that allows any guild member, regardless of permission, to withdraw from the Guild Safe. It's yet another glaringly obvious bug that is simple to exploit. When a guild member without Withdraw permission clicks on the Guild Safe tab, the "Withdraw" button is visible for a very short time before disappearing. All one has to do is click it before it goes away, and withdraw the guild's savings.

The fix is to run the permissions check before displaying the guild panel, not when opening the Safe tab. This easily-exploitable glitch is yet another that appears low in the priority list for fixing. In order to raise its priority, I suggest people exploit the hell out of this glitch. Maybe enough honest guild leaders and members will make enough noise to get it fixed.

T3 needs to step up their efforts to fix the content that exists, instead of trying to appease the portion of the community that's begging for PvP and level-cap adjustments. If they had done this up to this point, they wouldn't have a failing game that has been losing its audience since release.

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