Friday, May 27, 2011

What Does the Community Want?

This was recently reposted from the original Hellgate: London forum to the new forum, and it did a great job of capturing the community's requests to the developers back in the Flagship days. While reading it, I realized that everything in that post applies to our very own Mythos Europe community. I'll post the original with strike-outs in areas I've changed to Mythos terminology. Have a read, and hopefully a few laughs.

"If my ideas were implemented, HG:L Mythos would be perfect.

I want HG:L Mythos to be just like Diablo 2. Right now, it’s too different from Diablo 2. Why would I want play HG:L Mythos if it’s different from D2? Then I would just play D2 instead.

WoW sucks. But HG:L Mythos should implement all the cool stuff WoW has. Raiding sucks in WoW. That’s why I left WoW. But HG:L Mythos should have raiding like WoW. HG:L Mythos should be more like WoW, but without being like WoW. ‘Cause WoW sucks.

I want the whole game to be solo-able. But I want raiding. Don’t scale raid content, that’s stupid, it should be impossible to solo, otherwise it’s not raid content. But I want to be able to solo it.

HG:L Mythos is too easy. But NM is too hard, it’s broke. Fix it.

I can’t find any rare drops. Well, not a lot, anyway. At least not the best items in game. Increase the rare drops so I can find the best items easy, but not so much so everyone else does. That would be stupid.

HG:L Mythos has no endgame except killing the same boss over and over for loot. At least in Diablo2 and WoW, I could kill the same bosses over and over for loot in the endgame. HG:L Mythos should do the same thing.

FSS Hanbit/Frogster should stop wasting time changing the marksman gadgeteer skills – it’s fine! They should be spending time on stuff like removing the heels from female character’s boots and making zombie children changing the xp curve and adding level requirements on items.

Oh, and the marksman bloodletter is boring to play, just push one button. Fix the skills so there’s more variety. In fact, change all the class skills. There’s no variety, each one has one build that’s better than the rest. Make it so different builds are viable. Oh, and there should be better skill descriptions, too. I want to know before hand which skills are the best so I can make that build right away and pwn! I don’t want to waste my time experimenting with different builds, just tell me which one is best.

I want more content! But I don’t want to pay a subscription to get it. Even if it’s not made yet, it should have been included with the game. Anyway, subscription content sucks and is a rip off. All it is are new areas, new bosses, new items. Instead, I want content that gives me new areas, new bosses, new items.

And if you are going to do sub only items, don’t make them better than non-sub items. That would be imbalanced. If you are going to do sub only areas and bosses, make it so non-subs can play it too. Then it would be fair.

But if you want me to subscribe, make it worth it. Give me items that non-subs can’t get. And maps and bosses, content non-subs can’t play. And the items have to be better than non-sub items, otherwise it’s not worth it.

Quests are boring. All you do is kill ‘x’, collect ‘y’ and escort ‘z’. I want quests like in WoW where you can escort ‘a’, collect ‘b’, and kill ‘c’.

The story is boring and sucks. There should be a much better story. And better cut scenes. I want a long, engaging story where everything I do matters. Oh, and I need a button so I can skip all the npc text, story, and cut scenes. It gets in the way when I’m trying to level fast.

Speaking of which, leveling takes too long. I want power leveling. I want level 50 right away. That way I can do end game stuff – but it better not be just boss farming for loot! If I wanted that, I could just play D2 and WoW."

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