Friday, June 3, 2011

Banned from Mythos!

I am fully disappointed with the way the Frogster/Hanbit teams handle accounts.

Today I attempted to visit the forum, only to receive a message stating my account  has been banned. There was no explanation, so I started talking to my friends, and I think I have it figured out.

I share my wireless network with a handful of neighbors, and I got a few of them playing Mythos. One of them recently started posting on the forum as MrLo, and alternate account. He put up two threads: one detailing the early release client's stack duping glitch, and another showing screenshots of his extensive skill gem collection, which was made possible by duping Magical Runestone Crests. Both of these threads have now been deleted, and he is also banned. It seems Frogster doesn't want the community to know about glitches they knowingly released into the game, or about content that exists in the game and is meant to be used!

I tried to think of why I got banned along with him (he was an admitted cheater in one of his threads). Besides myself, MrLo is the only one out of the six people sharing my router's IP who got banned, so they didn't do a full IP ban or even a comprehensive check in that area. The only other thing we have in common is that I also posted in both of his threads. I have information about both of the topics, so I was able to share this information. I believe they assumed myself (WhiteBoy88) and MrLo are the same person, using two accounts. I also find this very insulting, if it's true. As an experienced vBulletin forum admin, I know that you can look up a user's registration IP, as well as every IP he's posted from. I would not be dumb enough to use the same IP on different accounts. It's far too easy to use a proxy. Obviously, everyone who uses my wireless router all have the same external IP: my cable modem's.

I reported the stack-duping glitch to Arkathos, so I obviously know about it, how it works, and when it was patched. I did not exploit the glitch, and there is no reason I should be banned for it.

I  have a few skill gems, but I'm not the only person who does, so that shouldn't cause a ban. I made mine legitimately, from long hours spent farming. Myself and a few other players put a lot of effort into discovering the secrets of skill gems, only to see that MrLo had duped up enough crests to make almost every gem in the game. I was very surprised and proud when I found out I had one of the few gems the cheater didn't have. I won't mention the names of those I worked with to make the gems, out of fear they will be banned as well. We spent a lot of time farming powders, pieces, and crests to upgrade. We also spent our gold buying them from other players. I had the intention of using the information we gathered to share the knowledge with the community (people might have noticed that I do this... a lot).

I've talked to MrLo, who also expressed astonishment that I was banned. He knew it could happen to his main account, hence the use of  the MrLo alt. What he apparently didn't foresee happening was the assumption that I was his main account. His main didn't even get banned, and it's loaded with duped items and gold!

So, Frogster and Hanbit... I'm disappointed, and will no longer be attempting to play Mythos Europe unless my account ban is lifted. This isn't just a ban against me, but a ban against the spread of information. I was one of the most helpful people on the English forum. I spent hours of my personal time helping others (take my achievement list as an example). I was in the process of creating a fan wiki and data center, containing information that is constantly requested on the forum.

I'm sure I can find another free game to play...


  1. Sucks big time. Hope to be able to see you online again someday!


  2. LOL! You are a whiny ass loser. If I was competent enough to find your other accounts, I would ban them too.

  3. You're a moron. A Community Manager saw the error and lifted the ban months ago.